The Mediation Approach

As the mediator for you and your spouse, I will:

Help each of you identify your individual goals and interests; rather than what each of you think are your entitlements.

If you have children, emphasize the need to do what is best for them.

Use my experience and training as a mediator to bring the two of you together to formulate your own divorce agreement.

Prepare a formal Divorce Separation Agreement to be reviewed by your respective attorneys.

Help the two of you make the best of a difficult time.

Help each of you avoid the expense, time, and emotional trauma often associated with the Adversarial/Traditional Approach.

I received my formal training in mediation at the Harvard Law School Program of Instruction for Lawyers.

  • Mediator got to the heart of the matter quickly, without rushing either side, and was even handed in his treatment of the parties and pertinent issues.

    M.B.M, Claims Supervisor
  • Mr. Adamopoulos was courteous, professional, and well-versed on the facts of the case before the mediation session began. He did a fine job of bringing the parties together to settle the matter.

    A.G.C., Esq., Counsel for defendant
  • The mediator was professional, unbiased and persevering. Settlement was achieved.

    D.J.M., Esq., Counsel for plaintiff
  • Tony did a tremendous job digesting and synthesizing the facts and positions in a complicated case. All parties felt that their concerns had been heard and addressed, and all felt that the outcome of the mediation was fair. I'll definitely use Tony again in cases appropriate for mediation.

    S. H., Esq., Counsel for defendant
  • Mediator took his time to get matter resolved instead of pushing us through. After having attended numerous mediation hearings, I have to say that I have never seen such a professional, determined mediator as Tony.

    L.C., Claims Representative
  • Impressed with your preparation and mediation skills. Helped all parties work toward reasonable resolution of claim. Would use you again and recommend you to others.

    K.J.K., Esq., Counsel for defendant
  • Works diligently to eliminate positional bargaining in favor of more productive inquiry into the real needs of the respective parties and ultimately gets the parties to YES.

    D.E.B., Esq., Counsel for defendant.
  • Case settled on mediation day. Attorney Adamopoulos showed very good preparation, persistence and skill in resolving this matter.

    S.A.W., Esq., Counsel for plaintiff

Divorce Mediation

In mediation, I concentrate on "interests" and “goals” rather than "positions" or "entitlements".

For example, your spouse’s position might be that she or he “wants” the van and your position is that you are entitled to the van because it is registered in your name. If the two of you cannot come to an agreement, only a judge or arbitrator can end the dispute. In mediation, the question is not who is "entitled" but rather what the “interest” in the van is. If your spouse wants to use the van to start a home-based business and earn an income, then you, realizing that you may be paying less support, may agree to give up the van.

In Massachusetts, a mediator cannot, by law, give legal advice. Therefore, you and your spouse should consider each having your own attorney with whom each of you may consult when needed. Usually, attorneys do not attend mediation sessions; typically each acts as an advisor  “on call”.

Point to Consider

If you are considering mediation, you may want to reconsider if you believe your spouse is in no hurry to get a divorce. Mediation lasts as long as both parties continue to participate; therefore, it is easier to “put off” the divorce if parties stay in mediation.

Download a PDF handout about Divorce Mediation