Limited Assistance Representation


Limited Assistance Representation, also called LAR, is a unique tool for those facing divorce and financial difficulty at the same time.

Limited Assistance Representation

What is Limited Assistance Representation (LAR)?

Limited Assistance Representation (LAR) allows me to represent or assist you with part, but not all, of your divorce proceeding.


  • Limited Assistance for a Court Appearance: You retain me to represent you in court, for example, appearing at a Pre-Trial Conference with and for you.
  • Limited Assistance for a Service: You retain me to provide one service, for example, review a proposed separation agreement or a proposed stipulation.
  • Limited Assistance for Document Preparation: You retain me to prepare a document, for example, a Pre-Trial Memorandum and to be sure it complies with the Pre-Trial Order of your judge.
  • Limited Assistance for Help in Negotiating: You retain me to help you focus on those issues and approaches that will help you in divorce negotiations, then, I help you negotiate a divorce settlement with your spouse.

Benefits of Limited Assistance Representation:

  • Limited Assistance Representation can reduce the cost of your divorce because you pay only for the legal services you need.
  • Limited Assistance Representation allows you to hire an attorney for "game changing" events such as a Pre-Trial Conference, where, using my experience, I can get for you your judge’s opinion on issues important to you, such as, what should the child support amount be?

Points to Consider:

Download a PDF handout about Limited Assistance Representation