The Divorce Experience

Divorce can be overwhelming.

Divorce can cause anxiety, the likes of which you have never experienced.

It is no time to be alone.

I am a skilled, experienced divorce attorney who concentrates in divorce resolution. I will help you select the right divorce approach to secure a positive future.

I have resolved divorce disputes for over 25 years. During those more than 25 years, I have had successful leadership experience in Adversarial/Traditional Divorce, Collaborative Divorce, Divorce Mediation, Divorce Arbitration and Limited Assistance Representation.

Anthony brings over 35 years of legal experience to the table. His mediation, arbitration and litigation experience combine with his sincere compassion for the clients and families he serves. Anthony is highly attuned to both the legal and the interpersonal concerns of his clients. He is also a wonderful colleague to whom I have often turned for input on case development and strategy.

D. P., Esq. Divorce attorney

The Divorce Blog

  • Dear Anthony and Donna: When I was served the legal papers … I had no idea where to begin … A referral led me to you. I am proud to add you and Donna to that list of trusted advisors …

    Philip, former client
  • Dear Tony and Donna:… I really appreciate the way everything was handled … Low stress!

    Chris, former client
  • I think you did a remarkably good job with a very difficult situation… Your individual-confidential approach is fascinating. Your ability to control a large and potentially unruly group was remarkable.

    K.B., Esq., Counsel for plaintiff
  • His perseverance in working toward a settlement even when it initially appeared that there could be no resolution paid off for everyone involved. My client was very pleased.

    R.P, Esq., Counsel for plaintiff
  • I wanted Anthony to mediate the matter because of his reputation as a professional in the dispute resolution community and his ability to facilitate resolution… Anthony was able to get each party to understand the benefits of reaching an agreement. His hard work and respect for each party and their respective lawyer was consistent and established the foundation for the separation agreement. It was a pleasure working with Anthony and I would utilize his services in the future.

    S.P.O., Esq. Civil and divorce attorney
  • It seems silly to put a number [1 to 5] on my satisfaction, because my satisfaction was & is complete. I am so grateful for your patience, diligence & compassion.

    Brad, former client
  • Dear Anthony & Donna, I wanted to thank you both for your support, professionalism and care over the past number of months. You made the most difficult period of my life so far less so, by your commitment to move things along quickly and with care. Thank you again for ensuring the divorce process was as smooth as it could be.

    MW, former client

Conference-Call-Mediation or Conference-Call-Collaborative Divorce in the Time of COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic affects all of us; and when it comes to the divorce process, it presents a dilemma - It is important to move forward; and yet, what about the crisis?

I am sensitive to the constraints resulting from the virus and that is why I instituted Conference-Call-Mediation and Conference-Call-Collaborative Divorce. Conference Calling will help you and your spouse move forward to the important stage of reaching agreement on a Separation Agreement. I am also available for video conferencing. These services will put you in a good position when the Family Court re-opens. During our initial telephone consultation, we can talk more about Conference Calling and Video Conferencing.

Are you facing divorce?

Divorce can be a difficult experience. It can mean a significant adjustment for you and your spouse, and when children are involved, the challenges can be overwhelming.

The divorce process itself can be isolating. It can put "a lot on your plate" at one time.

I provide two types of services.

First, as an attorney, I provide legal representation to clients facing divorce or some other family law issue. Below and at Overview of Services for Clients and Attorneys, I describe the specific services I provide.

Secondly, I provide mediation and arbitration services to attorneys and individuals. Below and at Overview of Services for Clients and Attorneys, I give more specifics.

Client representation services:

As your attorney, I provide you with my experience in resolving divorce issues and bringing about divorce resolution.

Over 25 years of successful divorce practice have taught me that it is important for you to know that the divorce process is simply not about getting a Divorce Judgment; it is about selecting the right approach for protecting your children's best interests and your financial security.

As your divorce attorney, I describe and discuss with you The Three Approaches to Divorce and help you decide which Approach is the best fit for your circumstances. Then, I help you through the negotiation process. All with one goal: A positive divorce resolution for you.

I enjoy helping my clients through the divorce process.

Please take a moment to read about: The Three Approaches to Divorce and My Services for Clients facing Divorce, Modification and Contempt. Please also read the kind comments and recommendations from former clients.

Arbitration and Mediation Services:

If you are a Divorce Attorney, you know there will be times when an impasse in settlement efforts makes a court trial seem inevitable. For attorneys (or parties) facing deadlock, it may be the time to consider divorce mediation or divorce arbitration.

As a Divorce Mediator and as a Divorce Arbitrator, I provide cost effective professional neutral services to attorneys, their clients and individual persons. For more information about these services go to Arbitration Services for Attorneys or Pro Se Parties and Mediation Services for Attorneys.

I have over 25 years experience in working with divorce professionals to bring about positive divorce resolution.