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Collaborative Divorce and Divorce Mediation:

Massachusetts Collaborative Law Council

International Academy of Collaborative Professionals

Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation

Improving the Divorce Process and It's Impact on the Family:
The Divorce Center

General Divorce Links:

Negotiation Skills Company

Boston Bar Association - Family Law Section

Harvard Center for Dispute Settlement

Probate and Family Court Self Help Center

Alimony Links:

Massachusetts General Law sets forth how alimony is determined. Here are the most used alimony sections of the law:

How is alimony determined? MGL Chapter 208, Section 34

How does the law define alimony, full retirement age, etc? MGL Chapter 208, Section 48

How is alimony calculated? MGL Chapter 208, Section 53

How does remarriage or a second job affect alimony? MGL Chapter 208, Section 54

Child Support Links:

Massachusetts General Law sets forth how child support is determined. Here are the most used child support sections of the law:

What is the general law about caring for the children of divorce? MGL Chapter 208, Section 28

Are the Child Support Guidelines more than just a formula?

May I calculate my own Child Support Guidelines Figure? Where is the Child Support Guidelines Worksheet (calculation form)?

To complete alimony or child support calculations, is it necessary to complete a Financial Statement? Short form / Long form

Financial Statement Links

Long Form Instructions

Short Form Instructions: